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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Leveraging Salesforce for Enhanced Pharmacy Services at Fairview Health Services

Written by
Benjamin Vargheese
Published on
May 2, 2024

Client: Fairview Health Services

Industry: Healthcare

Project Duration: 1 Month

Technologies Used: Salesforce, Mulesoft, FHIR

Challenge: Fairview Health Services sought to enhance patient engagement and operational efficiency by integrating their third-party pharmacy system with Salesforce. The objective was to enable seamless access to medication information and improve the management of patient data. Fairview needed a solution that would allow patients to view their medication statuses online while ensuring that data transferred between systems was secure and compliant with healthcare standards.

Solution: Selah designed and implemented a comprehensive integration solution using Mulesoft to connect Salesforce with the Enterprise Rx system. Key components of the solution included:

  • Salesforce Digital Experience: Developed a custom Patient Portal where patients can securely log in to view detailed information about their medications, including statuses and updates.
  • Mulesoft Integration: Utilized Mulesoft to create robust data pipelines that not only fetched and sent data to and from Enterprise Rx but also transformed incoming data into the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) format, ensuring compatibility with global healthcare data standards.
  • Data Transformation: Implemented advanced data transformation logic in Mulesoft to convert pharmacy data into FHIR, enhancing data interoperability across Fairview’s healthcare systems.


  • Initial Assessment and Planning: Worked closely with Fairview’s IT and pharmacy teams to assess the existing infrastructure and define the scope of integration.
  • Custom Development and Integration: Built custom interfaces and APIs using Mulesoft, ensuring secure data exchange and real-time data availability.
  • Testing and Implementation: Conducted rigorous testing phases to ensure the accuracy of the data transformation and the functionality of the Patient Portal.
  • Training and Go-Live Support: Provided comprehensive training to Fairview staff and supported them during the go-live phase to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients now enjoy real-time access to their medication information, contributing to higher satisfaction and engagement.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined medication management processes reduced administrative overhead and improved service delivery.
  • Data Compliance and Security: Ensured that all data exchanged between systems was compliant with healthcare regulations and secured against unauthorized access.

Client Testimonial: "The integration solution provided by Selah has revolutionized how we manage patient information and interact with our pharmacy services. Thanks to the new Patient Portal, our patients feel more connected and informed about their treatments, which has significantly enhanced their trust in our services." - CDO, Fairview Health Services

Conclusion: Selah’s successful implementation of the integration between Salesforce and Enterprise Rx using Mulesoft not only met Fairview’s immediate needs but also positioned them for future technological advancements in healthcare management. This project underscores Selah’s expertise in delivering tailored solutions that address complex challenges in the healthcare industry.

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Benjamin Vargheese
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